Haruko Maniax Released!

Alternative Projects is proud to present our English translation patch for Haruko Maniax, a spin-off Visual Novel featuring Muv-Luv heroine Kashiwagi Haruko!

This patch includes full translations for both the main story, as well as the three Muv-Luv Radio Mini-Drama ADV side-stories – it does not, however, translate the few lines of dialogue in the Faraway Dawn Part 2 mini-game.

[Alternative Projects] Staff:

Project Lead/Main Translator: Evan
Translation Checker: gabgrave
Editor: Albedo

Special Thanks: Afhook-anon, Suffolk

Installation Instructions:

Copy afhook.rpo into <Game Folder>/Plugins
Copy afhook.pkg into the main game folder

Project Duration: 4 months


Note from Project Lead:
Today marks my first release since joining Alternative Projects only a few short months ago, and there will be plenty more to follow in the coming months – both from myself, and from our other translation teams as well. With more than TEN unique fan translation projects in the pipeline, as well as new VNs and the KickStarter incoming, âge fans will have a lot to look forward to in future updates from Alternative Projects. From myself, keep an eye out for a small update on Kimi ga Nozomu Eien coming very soon. Please look forward to it.

For now, feel free to sink your teeth into Haruko Maniax. Hopefully it can stave off those Muv-Luv hunger pangs and help to tide you over until the main course arrives.

I really, really hope you find something to enjoy.