Hi everyone, it’s been a while since we did a podcast, mostly due to the all the work post-Kickstarter has been given for the translation team. Nevertheless, we took an hour or so off to have a recording sessions, with the BETA being the topic this time around.

Warning, spoiler content within!

The BETA are, without a doubt, the main enemy in Muv-Luv as a whole. They are the final bosses even when humans and their politics meddle with the war effort. The cast will contain some spoiler-like discussion, though mostly on minor stuff outside a few entries. There are also some expanded material discussion that do not come up during the VNs themselves. Those who want to skip the most spoilerific discussion should skip the section where we begin to handle the expanded BETA strains after the Fortress-Class.

The ending song is 愛の戦士~いつの 日 か /Ai no Senshi ~ Itsu no hi ka by 楠木恭介/ Kyosuke Kusunoki. You can check Aalt’s blog for more Muv-Luv content at https://aaltomies.wordpress.com/category/muv-luv-2/

~The Alternative Projects Team