Muv-Luv Alternative is now live on steam!


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Hi everyone, at long last, the final and most amazing part of the Muv-Luv trilogy goes live on steam today! Thanks to everyone’s support and patience, the official localization of Alternative is now available to the public on the steam store!

Get It Here!

Alternative is live


All you amazing backers should have gotten a key code last month on the 23 Aug 2017 to download the game, but if you haven’t claimed your key yet, do check your backer kit account for your steam code.

Whether you are a long term fan, or a new comer to the series, the team hopes that you have a fantastic time with the Alternative experience!


~The AltPro Team

Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited are now live on steam!


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Hi everybody! I’m very pleased to report that the official localization of the first half of the Muv-Luv trilogy experience is now live on steam! Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the months and years, it’s been a long wait but it’s worth it!

We did a release party live-stream for the launch, in which the localization team and the some special guests sat down to provide some commentary on the game. Hope you enjoy the stream!


If you have not gotten the game yet, you can visit the store page here, and start on an unimaginable story that is so small, yet so big.

To our new readers, the reading order for this VN is Extra first, followed by Unlimited, which should be followed for maximum reading pleasure.

Thank you all again, and enjoy the start of the greatest story of all time!

~The AltPro Team

ARG Unhinged Cast II

This week, we tried something a little bit different. Instead of our usual neatly-edited podcast, we decided to do an impromptu live hangout and take questions/calls from listeners on the fly. While we originally planned it as another “unhinged” podcast, we ended up staying surprisingly on topic the entire time, talking almost exclusively about the Kickstarter and other series-related nonsense.

Topics include Muv-Luv script improvements, localization direction, and franchise news. We also answered some caller questions and spoke with @invalidname about his recent Muv-Luv panel at AnimeCentral. Apologies for the bits of dead air – it’s just an unedited broadcast archive, but Aalt may be editing together an audio-only version into a more condensed package. You’ll be able to grab that along with all the prior podcasts right here.

For an impromptu livestream things seemed to go decently well, so if you’d like to see more of these interactive-type streams in the future, let us know!

(edit: You can now listen to the AnimeCentral panel here!)



Howdy all. Just popping in to let those of you who don’t follow me on twitter know that I’ve got a new sister site where I’ll be posting some little KimiNozo-related mini-projects that I do in my spare time. They’re just rough hobby translations of somewhat obscure bits of side content across various mediums, and should help to give a little more insight into the KimiNozo universe than you’d ever get from just the VN or the anime. Fans only interested in Muv-Luv proper  will probably not care, but if you’re a KimiNozo diehard, you might just find something to enjoy. Check it out here if you feel so inclined. Thanks for your time.

KimiNozo Project Update!


UPDATE: As of 05/01/2016, Mitsuki and Akane routes are also now complete, as well as a few minor routes!

Happy holidays, and long time no see! It’s been quite busy around here since last we spoke, hasn’t it? Just last month, we saw the launch of the latest major release from âge, as well as a slew of tasty Kickstarter updates. We here at Alternative Projects have been keeping busy, too – and we feel terrible for not keeping you in the loop! So, let’s start this off with a quick progress update for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien:

The first draft for Haruka Route is now complete.

This marks the first completed route, bringing the project to a total of nearly thirty-thousand lines. To celebrate this milestone, I wanted to share just a short glimpse of how the translation is coming along, just in time for the holidays. It’s by no means final, and is still very much a one-man pet project at this point, but I really hope you enjoy it.

So, yeah. Merry Christmas, or whatever. Sorry about the length – hopefully it didn’t put you to sleep. Anyways! That’s all for now, so I guess you’ll hear from me again once Mitsuki Route’s finished! Hope you’re all snuggled up under blankets and enjoying the spirit of the season with friends and loved ones.

All the very best,


ARG Podcast #3 – Kiminozo Special

Hi everyone, Alternative Projects is happy to present our third ARG Podcast! In this podcast, the ARG cast gets together with two guests to discuss the animation adaptation of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, or Rumbling Hearts as it s known in the west.

Our speakers this time are our host KimiNozo Guy,  Evan from AltPro, and Chris Adamson aka invalidname, and Doc.

The ending song is Minami Kuribayashi’s Rumbling Hearts, acoustic version.

Kiminozo was released as a visual novel in 2001, and had an anime adaptation in 2003, which was followed by an OVA series in 2007. The title was âge’s first big hit in the market, and drew a strong fandom with its touching story and drama. The setting and characters also appear in the Muv-Luv trilogy later.

Hope you enjoyed the cast!

~The Altpro team

ARG Podcast #2 – Muv Luv Kickstarter



The second Alternative Radio Global podcast kicks in. This time we talk about the Muv-Luv Kickstarter with Evan, Gabgrave, Sachibelle and Aalt, as we cover the kickstarter experience.

Due to slightly conflicting time zones and schedules the podcast may seem a bit short.
While these podcasts will be recorded in the future, there is no set timetable for them or any sort of schedule. There may be one or two per month, but that’s all depending on the current work situation of the podcast team. There is a possibility for live streams in the future as well.

The track at the end is Major Demon (Sorcerian – Thieves’ Tower) from Falcom Band JDK.

Thank you very much!

~The AltPro team~

Muv-Luv Kickstarter has ended with 7890 backers and over $1,250,000!


We did it! We did it everyone!

Zero hour

At $1,255,444 and 7890 backers (such perfect numbers), we are the most funded, the most backed VN Kickstarter ever! A big Thank You to everybody who helped contributed to this momentous moment in history! You have done your part to bring this small, yet amazing franchise to the English audience! Also, a big Job Well Done; Mission Accomplished! to the Degica team who carried out this Kickstarter project successfully!

Please do join us in chatting and sharing your experiences on the Muv-Luv Forums for the Kickstarter, and do keep an eye out for more updates from the Degica team as production gets underway!

And here’s a video of the final moments of the KS for your viewing pleasure.

~Thank you all! From the Alternative Projects team~