23 thoughts on “Schwarzesmarken LN translation page”

  1. fromrussia said:

    Thank you for your translations, really looking forward to the update of many projects

  2. Any idea when chapter 4 will be up?

  3. Adriaan said:

    At long last we got chap 3. Hahaha i cant stop to be happy. Btw thanks for the chapter both to the translator and author.
    Anyway will you post the update on baka tsuki too? Usually I only check at BT, but somehow i remember there might be a chance that the update hasn’t been realesed to BT so i check it with google. I am sure there still a lot muvluv fans out there who hasn’t realize that this project becomme active again

    • gabgrave said:

      Glad you enjoyed the chapter. To be blunt, I find that bakatsuki has lived up to its name, in that its become extremely stupid to use, and unfriendly to translators. I won’t be posting there again, but if you wish to take the trouble to get the SM page unlocked feel free to post the link to my page here. Otherwise do spread the news and follow this blog for future updates and chapters.

  4. Hey guys! Amazing work! Any update on the release of the fourth chapter?

  5. thanks for the translations, i think this story is a lot better than total eclipse

  6. Hey any idea when the next chapter will be posted?

  7. pudin-hime said:

    if you need it, i can scann the rest of novels for you

  8. scharnhorst43 said:

    Thank you very much for translating this great novel. It’s very much appreciated!
    I hope you will continue the other volumes since the anime (if true about only 12 eps) is probably gonna be a rushed butcher-fest.

  9. dodo20001219 said:

    What language do you guys translate from? I can do Chinese to English and I’m currently learning Japanese.

  10. Any idea when the epilogue will be up

  11. You know when the continuation is going to go out thank you

  12. Anonymous said:

    Thanks for the translation 🙂

  13. When was the epilogue will published? Mmm.. and will you translate the other volume too? It was such a great novel. Keep going to translate Author-san!! Ganbatte!!!

  14. Thanks for the translation!
    Question: I want to translate this in italian. Who should I ask for permission?
    Thanks again 😉

  15. Thanks for the translation i really liked it.
    This project will continue?

  16. is this project being abandoned?

  17. Who do I have to throw money at in order to get more of the LN Translated?

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