This week, we tried something a little bit different. Instead of our usual neatly-edited podcast, we decided to do an impromptu live hangout and take questions/calls from listeners on the fly. While we originally planned it as another “unhinged” podcast, we ended up staying surprisingly on topic the entire time, talking almost exclusively about the Kickstarter and other series-related nonsense.

Topics include Muv-Luv script improvements, localization direction, and franchise news. We also answered some caller questions and spoke with @invalidname about his recent Muv-Luv panel at AnimeCentral. Apologies for the bits of dead air – it’s just an unedited broadcast archive, but Aalt may be editing together an audio-only version into a more condensed package. You’ll be able to grab that along with all the prior podcasts right here.

For an impromptu livestream things seemed to go decently well, so if you’d like to see more of these interactive-type streams in the future, let us know!

(edit: You can now listen to the AnimeCentral panel here!)