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Alternative Projects Aug 15 update Hi everyone, we’re back with another round of updates for our translation projects for the month of August 2015. We’ve had quite a bit going on since June with the announcement of the kickstarter and our regular podcasts in association with Kiminozo Guy, but here’s an update of our line up of fan-translation projects and some news in the Muv-Luv franchise since our update in July.


Haruko Maniax titleSo to begin, I’m sure everyone would be happy to hear that Haruko Maniax is very, very close to release, thanks to the efforts of the Project lead Evan and the Haruko Maniax Maniacs team. Do look forward to the release announcement soon.

AspirationNext up, Aspiration is now at 60%, and progressing steadily. Albedoxs is the project lead for this, with Qwott and Suffolk on the team, so please show your support and give them some encouragement!


muv-luv-bannerTotal Eclipse is also in the works, as per our previous updates, and is now at 25%. The TE Team is also lead by Albedoxs, so do support them too.


We are still working on bringing you the main story from Ayu Mayu Alternative, which is led by Sachibelle, and I’ll be getting back to completing the final chapter for the Schwarzesmarken LN Volumn 1 in the coming months.


Now for some new projects, as briefly mentioned in the July update, Evan recently started working on Kimi ga Nozomu Eien LE, and he’s pleased to report that the translations of the first chapter has been complete, and is now undergoing editing, so do look forward to more news on this soon as well!


AFAnd finally, I’m sure those who’ve listened to our podcasts would know that we’re now in collaboration with Jutsuki Sen to complete the untranslated paths for Altered Fable: Before the Shimmering Time Ends, so here is our official update announcement included in our regular updates section! A big thank you to Sen for his work in Altered Fable, the project from which our ‘spyware’ tools originated from (AFhook), without which all of our projects would not have been possible, and the maker Afhook-anon, who helped build afhook, and still continues to provide us with updates, and RioX-anon who provided the extraction tools for the rUGP engine.


Now for the franchise updates, the kickstarter has been updated to be launched on the 1st week of Sept, and you can keep track on the updates from their twitter and facebook pages.

pcsmbnr4We have a new PV for the upcoming Schwarzesmarken VN 1 “Crest of Blood”, which is coming out on Nov 27 2015.

Theme song is by Fripside.

We also have a list of most of the voice actors for the cast of the Anime now:

Theodor Eberbach – ????
Katia Waldheim – Minami Tanaka (Assassination Classroom’s Hinata Okano, Hanayamata’s Hana N. Fountainstand, Wake Up Girls’ Minami Katayama)
Irisdina Bernhard – Nozomi Yamamoto (Idol Master Cinderlla Girls’  Rika Jōgasaki, Hanagai’s Yukimura Kusunoki)
Lise Hohenstein – Yoshino Nanjou (Love Live’s Eli Ayase)
Anett Hosenfeld – Chika Anzai (Chika Anzai)
Gretel Jeckeln – Kiyono Yasuno (Wake Up Girls’ Tina Kobayakawa)
Pham Thi-Rang – Emiri Kato (Madoka Magica’s QB)
Sylvia Kschessinska – Michiyo Murase (Little Witch Academia’s Sucy)
Walther Krüger – Kenta Miyake (Jojo’s  Mohammed Abdul)
Beatrix Brehmer – Yukari Tamura (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Cross Ange’s Hildegard Schlievogt)
Kirce Steinhoff – ????

And in the Comiket 88 event which just happened over the weekend from the 13 to 16 of August, the next Lunatic Dawn 10 was released with a set of C88 goodies, together with a Irisdina dakimakura pillow cover. In addition, the 14th volume of the MLA manga will be out on Aug 27, and the SM Irisdina SS will be out on Sept 30.


Some lovely ladies were at the booth as well:


And of course we had the Age-Soft gang, Koki-sama, Philip Bernhard, Mipporin, and Rienee-san, who just had her birthday during the event!


And yesterday at the final day of Comiket 88, there was a live stream from the Age-soft booth regarding the upcoming Schwarzemaken VN, and some awesome CGs were shown. You can take a look at them here.


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And as you can see here, we finally have confirmation of FC6 Kimi ga Nozomu Muv-Luv in the works, with CGs from Melvina Maniax! A short clip of the Takeru X Takayuki Ore ga Hetare de Hetare ga Ore de story was shown as well in the live stream.

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And some nice pictures of TSFs

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During the stream, Koki-sama mentioned about the kickstarter and how the Japanese fans can gain from it too, and also jokingly referred to the translation tools as ‘spyware’ (lol).


And that’s all for now folks. Stay tune for further news in the coming weeks!