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Hi all, welcome back to another edition of the ARG Test cast!

In #T04, we start with a short update on events in the Muv-Luv franchise, and then in order to diversify a little we discuss games from our childhood days and stuff we see nowadays, as we share how each of the international team members experienced games in their lives. This cast, we have our host Aalt, Evan, Me, Sachi and a special guest, Sachi’s husband Stan!

Just some administrative updates, we are switching links from Soundcloud to Podomatic, so please see below for the updated links and the MF archive. You can hear the 4th cast here in this link:

ARG TEST CAST #T04 – Remembering games

The announcer at the beginning is @A9DOC. The ending song is Midnight Chaser from an indie NEC PC-9801 game Flame Zapper Kotsujin.

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Test Podcast#2
Test Podcast#3


Thanks again to Aalt aka Kiminozo guy for hosting the cast, and to you listeners for taking the interest! If you have any comments or feedback, do leave them here in the blog or at our email alternative4projects@gmail.com.

AP will have a general updates post coming up soon to cover the events that are going on recently, so do look forward to that.