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Its timeIt’s time people! The most important milestone for the Muv-Luv English speaking fan-base is now live! The Kickstarter is up, and it’s up to YOU to do your part!

KS bannerThe KS starts on 24 Sep, and ends on the 03 Nov 2015. <!–more–>

As you know, Alternative Projects has always been a free fan-translation group, as our goal has been to promote and maintain interest in the franchise. Therefore, I and the team would like to ask all of you who have been supporting us to help make this Kickstarter a success! Once this KS is successful, we can expect to see much more of the franchise, media and goods become available in the official international language, which makes this event an important turning point for the franchise.

I cannot stress how important it is that you and us, the community, the fan-base, help make this KS take off. I hope those of you who are able to help contribute to this undertaking do so, and those who are not, please help to spread the word, to people who like VNs, Sci-fi, Military fiction, Anime, Manga, anyone whom you think will be interested. Be more than an on-looker, be a part of this with us!

Thank you all! Spread the news, and pledge your support! Please DO YOUR PART!

~The AP Team


destroyer 1312253384757P.S. The KS will be the first time we can get something so close to our hearts, a Destroyer-class Plushie! You know what to do to get this -15 Mohs of softness.