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Hi folks, Alternative Projects + Aalt presents: ARG Test Cast #T02 – Sitting down with Degica.

This week, it is my great pleasure to welcome Jason and Mitch from Degica in our #2 Podcast!

KimiNozo Guy contacted them a few weeks ago and they were extremely enthusiastic about joining us in our cast to share some good news about what we can expect in the localisation.

In this cast,  we will cover several questions about Degica’s background and achievements, how they got to start the Muv-Luv kickstarter project with Ixtl, and also, Mitch and Jason will answer some of the questions going around the community regarding the localization itself, providing what information they can. This podcast has been vetted by Ixtl as well, thus the delay in the release.

I’m also pleased to include the winners of the Giveway Degica ran at their site in this podcast, and there’s a new contest being launched as well, so keep listening to the very end!

The song at the end is Arranged version of Storm Vanguard.

Thanks for listening to us! Below are some rules for the trivia at the end of the cast:

Rules for the trivia competition; Tweet your answer to @muvluvseries on Twitter in order to enter the contest. The duration of the competition is one week. Good luck to all the contestants!

Do check out the post at KNG’s blog as well for more information on this podcast.

See you all next time then!