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Hi everyone, with the kickstarter coming up soon, a few of us fans around the globe decided to come together to do a podcast on recent events. This podcast was brought to you by our mainstay host Aalt, also known as KimiNozo Guy, and staring Sachibelle, Evan, Suffolk and me (gabgrave). I’m very pleased to welcome KNG, who is a great fan of the franchise, to Alternative Projects, and you can read his awesome posts and debates on various topics in the industry and on Muv-Luv here at his blog.

This podcast contains:

  • Brief introductions about ourselves,
  • What we like about Muv-Luv and how we came to know it,
  • Our thoughts on the kickstarter, what we think it should focus on, and what we expect from it.

This is our first test podcast, and is a test run for us to get used to things, so please be gentle with us if we sound stiff or odd, and for any problems with the sound quality.

Just to provide a clarification, the stretch goals we mention in the middle of the podcast are actually about the items listed in the poll for what fans would like to see implemented in the localization, and nothing has been confirmed to be in the official stretch goals as yet. The ending song is called Evildoer, from Xanadu Next by Nihon Falcom.

In next week’s issue, we will be talking to the Degica reps on the KS project, so do look forward to that, and if you have any questions you would like to ask them or us, do drop them to us at our email, and we’ll get them answered in our upcoming podcasts.

Thanks for listening to us!