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People, I am very pleased to announce that Mu-Luv is finally getting a kick-starter for an official English localization! During the AX 2015 event held in LA, Ixtl and Degica announced that they will be opening a kick-starter to bring Muv-Luv to the West in English.

During the event, Ixtl opened a booth, and the creator of Muv-Luv Kouki Yoshimune and the official artists of the team made an appearance at the booth, greeting fans and giving out sketches and autographs.

For the localization, it is understood that they will be using Amaterasu’s fan translation as a base, and updating the translations to be more accurate. Also implied is the update of graphics and content to match those used in the PS3 and Windows 7 releases of the games, with 18+ content possible as a stretch goals.

The kick-starter will officially open in End Aug – Early Sept 2015, so we shall have to see what shows up. It was hinted that additional games and anime are possible stretch goals as well.

As a long term fan of the franchise, I have no words sufficient to express how I feel at finally seeing this day that an official English release is made possible. The years of effort I and the teams has put in has finally paid off. I would like to reach out to all fans of Muv-Luv who have enjoyed our releases to help make this kick-starter a success.

Please also participate in the survey that was put up by the organizers, for things the fan would like to see in the KS. Link

Update: New Poll for KS items: Link

Do visit the official websites for the announcement and the AX event, to see the news and various pictures that were taken at the event.





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Thank you for reading, and please, support and make this KS a success.