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A little late, but AP wishes a Happy 4th of July to our American fans!

And now for our project updates. Our current teams have been working hard in the past months to bring more releases out, and I’m pleased to announce some additional projects that have been added to the list.

Haruko Maniax : 70%

Aspiration: 50%

New Projects


Total Eclipse: 20%

Yes! We are now also doing translations for Total Eclipse, thanks to Albedo and Evan taking up the project. We will be working to bring the VN in English to you, but do be patient as this will take time to be completed.

In addition, I am pleased to add Kimi ga Nozomu Eien LE to the list of our potential translations! As many of our members have expressed an interest in working on this after their current projects, I believe that we would soon be starting on this, though like TE, it will take time to complete. Please look forward to further updates for more news.

That’s all for the project updates, in our triple post special this month. In the meantime, do enjoy this clip from the Muv-Luv live event that was held on the 28 Jun, exhibiting the flexibility of the rUGP system by creating this clip within the period of the event itself.

Until next time then!