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Alternative Projects is pleased to announce the release of the English translation of The Day After: Episode 01!

This patch is only for the TDA01 portion of Muv-Luv Alternative: Chronicles 02. Adoration is being worked on and will be released in a future update.


Copy afhook.rpo into <Game Folder>/Plugins
Copy afhook.pkg into the main game folder

[Alternative Projects] Staff:

Gabgrave: Project lead and Main TL
Albedo: Lead Editor
Contributors: Ben, Sachibelle, TSFiAguy
Hacker:Β  RusAnon, Afhook-anon

Translation duration: 10 months

(Spoiler Warning!) Please see translation notes after your play through for more details on the terms in the VN.


I hope you enjoy the read, and do leave any comments or feedback here at our website or email: alternative4projects@gmail.com

Please stay tuned for further updates on our next projects. We have a couple of new Translators joining us, and we hope to have something new for you soon.

Thank you!