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Wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!Merry ChristmasSee you in another loop, muvluver

Hi everyone, before I begin the updates, I would like to mention the passing of a great fan of the Muv-luv franchise, Jilpoong17, in Nov 2014.

Jilpoong17 was a man of great talent, who also had a great passion for the Muv-luv universe, evident by his efforts in giving us awesome fan art of the characters since 2004.
Do visit his page JILPOONG17’S MUV-LUV LIFE to check out his works, and remember this good man.

See you in another loop, fellow Muvluver.

Farewell Jilpoong17
Chronicles 2Now for translation updates. TDA01 has reached the 75% milestone, and we expect to be able to release this for the fans in a few more months.

After TDA01 is released, I’ll be going back to complete the remaining 2 untranslated chapters of Schwarzesmarken Vol 1, which has been on my to do list for a while.

There may be some other side story projects that we’ll be working on before going to TDA02, so stay tuned.

Now for updates on new items. We have the first of three Schwarzesmarken figures from 4-Leaves, a Irisdina 1/7 figure, which was previously shown as a prototype, releasing in Apr 2015.

For model kits, we have three new kits up for preorder, a 1/144 Shiranui Type 2 Phase 3 Unit 2 Yui Takamura Custom in Jan, Non-Scale F-22A Raptor in Mar, and a Non-scale Takemikaduchi Type-00F Mana Tsukuyomi Model Ver.1.5 in Apr 2015.

FIGURE-008830 TOY-RBT-3870 TOY-RBT-3860 TOY-RBT-3837

Seems like goods for the franchise are picking up again, so with any luck we will have more good news to look forward to. We still have an unannounced Non-scale MiG-21 and 1/144 F-15 ACTV Eagle pending, together with Katia and Lys figures.

That’s all for the updates for this year. Here’s to more good news in 2015!