Its time

It’s time guys! Thanks to the awesome work of Jutsuki Sen, we now have the 3rd patch of Altered Fable!

Message from Sen:

In honor of the return of America’s Greatest Counter-terrorist (TM), it’s time for Muv-Luv Altered Fable’s long-overdue third partial patch! After many months and over 12,000 lines of text later, it’s finally ready to go.

This patch allows you to play through the entire game, provided you’re going to play one of the following routes:
– Sumika
– Meiya
– Kashiwagi

This new patch has typeset signs integrated into the game, but I’ve left some of the less important ones/ones that require no knowledge of Japanese untranslated for now. Also, there will be some glitchy images with artifacts; you’ll have to bear with me until I sort out why the artifacting is happening.

Also, some of the menu images I’ve typeset are kind of a rush job; I’ll get around to making less janky ones at a later date.

There are some known crash bugs; check the FAQ for details.

Also included are a volleyball guide and a general route guide. I’d recommend playing without the route guide first, though.

As always, let me know if you find missing(untranslated) lines. I’m sure there are plenty of them, given the nature of the beach arc.

Get it here:

edit: updated patch with correct rpo plugin

Remember to thank Sen as you enjoy this guys!