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F-4 Phantom

Just to provide a little update and to let everyone know we are still alive and kicking, translations for TDA00 are still going smoothly, and the idea is to give a complete translation of the story for the next release instead of partial patches.

Regarding the format of the translation localization, I’m going to go with the idea that for western characters, we go with western speech patterns, instead of keeping the Japanese ones fully. So we are localizing the translation text as much as possible while still keeping the meaning of the line intact.


In the meantime, to provide some updates on whats happening in the Muv Luv franchise for 2014, we have Photonflowers and Photomelodies being released on PS3 and Xbox, which are compilations of the Muv Luv side stories that Age has released over the years that isn’t TDA. We also have an announcement for the PC version of Total Eclipse, which should make fans quite happy.

On model kit news, this year we have a smaller line up of a non-scale Takemikazuchi Type-00R 1.5ver with enhanced joints, and a 1/144 F-15 ACTV Active Eagle. Compared to last year’s release of 4 new kits, could this mean that Kotobukiya’s hype for MLA kits is slowing down? I believe some of us are still hoping for a few more kits to become available, like the A-10 and F-4. We also had some new garage kit releases in WF2014W, which sadly might never see the light of day outside of Japan, like the 1/6 Yuzuka and 1/6 Lyz, and 1/144 F-4 (might happen if Koto does it though) and 1/144 Type 90 JSDF tank.

Type-00R v1.51/144 F-15 ACTVResin 1/144 F-41/144 Type-90Yuzuka01 1/8 ResinLys resin

And we also have an unconfirmed rumor of a new Muv Luv Anime in the planning, according to here http://m-p.sakura.ne.jp/

That’s all for now, I’ll continue to post updates when there is something new, so do check back here every now and then. Enjoy some humorous pics in the meantime.


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